Contextual Therapy

Issues that bring people to seek Dr. Schaham’s help are varied:
  • Difficulties with transition – coping with loss, with relocation, new job, separation and divorce
  • Stress – at work, at home, around people in general
  • Frustrated parenting – with babies, adolescents, with adult children
  • Issues and challenges with adoption
  • Difficult relations with a family member, parent
  • Difficulties with couple communication, affairs and betrayal of trust
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Depression (also post-partum depression)
  • Self-discipline, children discipline, issues with boundaries
  • Issues around self-esteem, self-image, and more and more….
When people feel improvement in the area that brought them to therapy, they usually report better abilities to cope and solve problems in other areas, thereby better enjoying their lives.

Research shows that our brain can, at any age, relearn and change familiar patterns. This faith is the fundamental basis of change through therapy. This faith supports an optimistic view of ourselves, our lives and our ability to change.

But it is her warmth and caring that help shape a successful therapeutic outcome. As a therapist she always celebrates with her clients the successful changes as they become more energetic and optimistic in their lives and their relationships. This change can at times come after just a few sessions.

What is Contextual Therapy?

Contextual Therapy offers a unique approach to the issues individuals and families face. It examines complex issues of loyalty, trust and entitlement across the generations, and it promotes genuine dialogue among family members. Contextual family works towards mutuality and commitment within relationships, promoting fairness and a balanced give and take between individuals.

Steps you can take

Identify the personal or interpersonal difficulty you are experiencing and decide whether you want to create a change. If so, seek competent therapeutic support. Decide whether you want to seek individual therapy, or whether you want to come together with your partner or your family of origin or with your children.

What will Contextual Therapy do for you?

Contextual Therapy will help you to examine and resolve unfinished issues from your past, thus free you from having to repeat those unresolved issues in your present day relationships. New approaches to relating to the important people in your life will become apparent.

Make an Appointment

During a first therapy session, a goal for therapy will be established and a preliminary approach will be delineated. This may include examining family of origin issues, current relationship difficulties and parenting styles. During the course of any subsequent therapy, you will have the chance to change your perspective of family interaction patterns, and therefore begin to interact in more constructive ways with the people around you.
“our brain can, at any age, relearn and change familiar patterns. This faith is the fundamental basis of change through therapy and life”
Couples therapy, Family therapy, Individual therapy
Dr. Ofra Schaham, Sarona, Tel Aviv